A city submerged in serene valleys of lush mountains as well as providing a charismatic vibe from its citylights life. The city welcomes all travellers whether they are group of friends, families or solo travellers, Pune has no dearth of venues and attractions for everyone to enjoy. One travelling solo or with friends and family can choose from abundant options to visit. Especially for solo travellers, Pune portrays a number of unconventional destinations to enthrall and enjoy.

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Pune is a mixture of destinations suitable for everyone, from destinations signifying its rich heritage culture, scenic landscapes and modern city life. Accommodation is never a problem for any traveller in, hotels in Pune as they offer elegant hospitality at very affordable prices. One of them is ‘The Pride Hotel’ providing supreme services and lavish facilities to its patrons and is counted as one of the best in Pune Hotels. For solo travellers Pune city is one memorable place to visit and experience an unforgettable adventure for their lives.

History Of the Peshawa city

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Pune offers many rich cultural historical sites to discover, most prominent of those which are Aga Khan Palace, a magnificent landmark palace infamous for the imprisonment of Mahatma Gandhi, Kasturba Gandhi, Mahadev Desai and Sarojini Naidu and now is one major tourist spot, among others is Pataleshwar Cave temple, a stupendous rock-cut cave temple from 8th century which is now a protected monument, one can spend a whole day walking and appreciating its glorious architecture among its caves. Along with that Peshwa Udyan, Shaniwar Wada, Sinhagad Fort, Shinde Chhatri, Rajgad Fort magnify the glory of the historical Maratha Empire.

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Foodie’s Delight

Along with its natural accent Pune provides with a variety of food to enjoy the contemporary taste of Maharashtra. The distinctiveness of the Maharashtrian cuisines is deep enriched in the cuisines found in Pune. Scrumptious delights like the Bhaji Vada, Vada Pav, Pani Puri, etc. become the best native street foods of Pune. Along with the native cuisines like the coastal sea foods and curries with rice are the things to try when in Pune.

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Pune for its diversity and magnificence is one perfect and a must go destination for trekkers for prefer a climate more quiet and tranquil, there are different hill stations covered in picturesque valleys and landscapes. Destinations like Khandala, Panchgani, Lonavala and Matheran are the most well know destinations among the travellers to have a memorable time.

Education, Culture, and Youth 

Pune has an intrinsic connection with literature, art, music and Marathi theater. From job opportunities to cultural roots, Pune checks all the points in any list of a self sustained city.

The Oxford of The East – Once entitled as the Oxford of the East, Pune still maintains the decency of the title. There are more than 9 deemed universities and 400 colleges affiliated to Pune University, offering courses in all streams. Among the major institutes. Symbiosis University offers more than 50 different courses in all the major fields.

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Jobs and Opportunities- Thousands of expats move to Pune for their work and studies every year. And not just in IT sector, Pune has a lot of fields to offer jobs. It is also the home of hundreds of IT companies like WIPRO, Infosys, Volkswagen, TCS, and Accenture.

The Cultural Roots – The birthplace of Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Sant Tukaram  is undoubtedly the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Pune has managed to preserve the true Maratha roots.

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Literature and Films- Film and Television Insitute of India, located in Pune is considered the best Film institute in India. Also, National Film Archive of India, NFAI, is the biggest film library in India. Hundreds of aspiring filmmakers move to Pune every year to learn the art of filmmaking.

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